Critical Account Planning

Learn how to protect and grow key accounts by adopting a proven account management strategy.

Grow revenue within existing accounts with Critical Account Planning

Often overlooked by many sales professionals is the opportunity to deepen and expand the relationship within existing accounts.

Critical Account Planning is a proven account management program that teaches sales professionals how to strengthen their customer relations and plan for and maximize opportunity within existing accounts.  This approach leads to stronger, longer-lasting relationships, improved customer loyalty, and increased revenue.

Key benefits of Critical Account Planning

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Solidify customer relationships through tried and true account management methodologies
  • Approach accounts with consistency and precision, resulting in more closed business and stronger customer relationships
  • Gain insight into how to manage, organize and analyze critical account information
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how your customers’ needs align with opportunities
  • Carry account strategies forward with tactical implementation plans to grow business

Program Objectives of Critical Account Planning

Program objectives include:

  • Leverage the Critical Account Planning (CAP) strategy to increase customer loyalty in high-value accounts
  • Analyze accounts using critical customer data and information
  • Identify the decision-making process within key customer relationships
  • Create a plan to identify and work with key account contacts
  • Protect accounts by analyzing the competitive strengths and weaknesses impacting customer relationships
  • Align customer needs to account priorities and objectives
  • Plan and prioritize next steps to drive opportunities forward

Sales Training Delivery Options

Critical Account Planning can be delivered in a variety of ways:

On-Site Instructor-Led Sales Training

Thrust your team into small, in-person groups led by our best-in-class professionals ready to provide tailored experiences that offer the skills sales professionals need to succeed. Learn more.

Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

Save time and money when you train your professionals through online channels that offer engaging learning experiences with the same amount of interaction as on-site programs.  Learn more.

On-Demand, Blended Learning

This delivery method combines the ease of e-learning modules with traditional face-to-face teaching and allows participants to learn at their own pace while providing the benefits of group interaction and individual instruction. Learn more.


Equip your training staff with the latest tips and tricks to learn more about the skills and processes required to effectively train your sales professionals. Learn more.

Janek’s training implementation approach

Our training implementation is guided by a proven world-class approach.


Supporting services

Leverage the full scope of Janek’s solutions to drive immediate and long-term results. Contact us to learn more about these services.


Work with experienced facilitators with the know-how to customize training programs to align with your organization’s language, culture, demands and focus.


Take advantage of our turn-key and hands-on training reinforcement solutions.


Validate training effectiveness in terms of performance improvement, business results,  and ROI.


Use a technology solution to reinforce training in a convenient and fun format.

Janek is the Right Partner for Your Strategic Account Planning Needs

When you’re interested in strengthening your strategic account planning workflow, count on the team at Janek. We’re an industry-leading performance solutions provider with years of experience working with global businesses in various industries. Our team leverages their experience to develop personalized account management services that align with your company culture and objectives.

At Janek, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients unrivaled value. We strive to improve business practices by using proven methodologies to boost sales performance and client satisfaction. With our team by your side, you’ll experience a group of professionals committed to living out an unwavering set of business values, including:

  • Always be learning.
  • Play as a team.
  • Be reliable.
  • Execute with excellence.
  • Demonstrate flexibility.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Delight the customer.

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Boosting sales is possible with strategic account plan management training from Janek. We develop all our programs using the latest data to create exceptional learning experiences that result in professional growth.

Download the Critical Account Planning Brochure

Download the brochure

More information about the Critical Account Planning program is available in this downloadable PDF

Why Does Sales Account Planning Matter?

You understand that creating new customers is much more expensive than hanging onto your current ones. While generating new leads is critical to growth, fostering meaningful relationships with your existing customers is a fantastic way to improve profitability. Strategic account management is a customer-focused approach that streamlines the time it takes to generate a sale by analyzing key information within existing customer accounts, including their goals and challenges. Account planning holds the key to a better way to do business across many aspects, such as:

Training Programs for Sales Professionals & Sales Leaders

Sales Team Development
Core Skills
Critical Selling® Skills
Gold 2020
Stevie Winner

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Critical TeleSelling® Skills

An inside sales methodology specifically designed to equip sales professionals on how to effectively engage with customers over the phone, build trust, and close confidently.

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Critical Prospecting™ Skills

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Critical Service & Sales™ Skills
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Brandon Hall

A training program designed to equip service, sales, and retail staff to deliver better customer service experiences and identify hidden sales opportunities.

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Winning at Trade Shows™

A workshop developed for sellers to have more meaningful event and trade show interactions, from the planning stage to post-show activities.

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Advanced Skills
Critical Account Planning™

A sales training program that equips account executives with the skills, processes, and tools to grow relationships with existing accounts and plan for strategic opportunities.

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Critical Negotiation™ Skills
Gold 2022
Stevie Winner

A research-based training program to provide sales professionals with the skills, tools, and best practices to handle complex and difficult negotiations.

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Selling Virtually™
Bronze 2021
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Selling Virtually empowers sales professionals to effectively engage with prospects and clients in the new remote selling ecosystem and improve productivity and revenue.

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Selling to the C-Suite™

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Strategic Storytelling™ Skills

Leverage stories in sales conversations to better position your solutions and drive momentum towards favorable outcomes.

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Sales Management Development
Management Skills
Critical Sales Coaching™ Skills
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A coaching methodology to empower sales managers to coach, manage, and lead more effectively and drive their teams toward favorable results.

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TOPS® Reinforcement & Coaching

A proven playbook and toolkit for sales managers to sustain and reinforce our selling skill methodologies through a sustainable reinforcement and coaching plan.

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Questions about our sales training programs? Let us tailor a training solution that matches your needs.

Critical Account Planning™ FAQ

What type of ROI should we expect from Critical Account Planning™?

Janek’s end-to-end training solutions deliver effective, long-term lessons with a framework for consistent reinforcement. Our partners enjoy an industry-leading average ROI of 1188% across the entire Janek services suite based on Janek sales training delivered during 2023. Critical Account Planning is a sales training program aimed at improving key account management practices including how to effectively approach strategic account planning and refining the broader account planning process.

Our sales training program is research based, what does that mean and how often is it modernized?

Janek routinely refreshes and updates our sales training programs based on market research, new data, and evidence from the field. Our programs are built to keep your customer’s business needs front-and-center during the account planning process.

What are the key metrics for success that Janek will improve upon from Critical Account Planning™?

The Critical Accounting Planning program improves your team’s ability to identify the specific roles of the key stakeholders on their accounts and recognize the best ways to improve on vital customer relationships. CAP equips your sales team with the tools they need to analyze accounts, identify opportunities for account growth, and better integrate your services with a customer’s strategic direction.

Who in my organization would benefit from Critical Account Planning™?

Critical Account Planning benefits everyone on your account teams. Whether you are a strategic account planner, account manager, or a seasoned sales professional, Critical Account Planning provides you with the framework to review the strategic direction of every account.

Does Critical Account Planning™ apply to strategic accounts of all sizes?

Yes. At Janek, we recommend Critical Account Planning for all strategic accounts within a portfolio. These accounts can vary in size, and we suggest focusing your training on the client accounts that your account team believes have the most growth potential. As a framework, CAP is perfect for improving the skillsets of your strategic account managers and enhancing the existing account strategy.

Can Critical Account Planning™ tools be integrated into my CRM?

Yes. Many Janek clients integrate Critical Account Planning tools into their CRM of choice including Salesforce and other platforms. Janek Sales Consultants can work with you to determine the best method for integrating CAP tools directly into your CRM.