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Why Janek

We leverage ongoing research and field testing to help your salespeople rethink how they sell and achieve measurable results.

The road to smarter sales starts with Janek.

Why should you trust Janek to improve the future of your sales organization?

Results-driven engagements

We’re obsessed with delivering measurable results for our clients. Every solution we offer shares a common goal: giving you the highest possible return on your sales performance investment.

Comprehensive set of solutions

With our broad range of services and deep library of proven sales training content, Janek offers everything you need to improve sales performance at every level of your organization.

Smart planning around change

The key to improving sales performance is behavioral change, but change is hard for most people. That’s why we take a holistic view of the factors that influence the desired changes and develop and execute strategies to ensure lasting results.

Custom-tailored training

We tailor all aspects of our solutions to your specific needs, from implementation to measurement to ongoing management. Our programs and materials are designed to be quickly and economically adapted for any audience without sacrificing quality.

Research-based solutions

All Janek products and services are rooted in the latest available research and the real results of our clients. We continually optimize every solution to maximize value for you.