Storytelling Drives Connections That Result in Sales

Storytelling Drives Connections that Result in Sales

Recently, Janek Managing Partner Justin Zappulla joined Paul Watts on the Sales Reinvented podcast. In this brief but insightful discussion, Justin shares how storytelling drives the connections that lead to sales and how sellers can become better storytellers. For Justin, storytelling is a skill to be practiced and perfected. This starts with being authentic and sharing specific stories related to the customer’s situation. From here, Justin discusses the attributes of effective storytellers, such as presentation skills, delivering a message, and understanding the effect of words, pauses, and pace of the story.   

Next, Justin lists his top-three do’s, including authenticity, relatability, and brevity. This is followed by his don’ts, such as complicating a story, winging it, and how effective storytelling is not salesy. Instead, it is a tool to drive connections. As always on the Sales Reinvented podcast, Justin ends with an insightful anecdote to illustrate the power of storytelling in sales. 

Listen to the full podcast below: