Altium Enlists Janek’s Holistic, Value-Based Sales Methodology

Altium, the global software developer whose applications empower the automotive, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries, enlisted Janek Performance Group to transition from transactional to value-based selling.

About Altium

Founded in 1985, Altium is global software company, headquartered in San Diego, with more than 1,100 employees. Their applications empower and connect PCB designers, part suppliers, and manufacturers to develop electronics faster and more efficiently.

“If you really want to improve how your sales executives interact, I highly recommend a program that teaches them that. That’s what the Janek program does. It teaches them how to have conversations, how to listen, and how to provide feedback. Then, finally, how to take that information and put it into a package to have a conversation with the customer and solve the problem they’ve presented to you.”

Joe Michaud, Sales Enablement Manager, Altium

The Challenge

Lacking a formal organizational sales training methodology, Altium sought to transition from transactional sales to a value-based approach.

They searched for a holistic training methodology to empower sales teams in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with a desire for continuously reinforced training.

Altium knew they had great products. However, they didn’t want to be seen as a commodity and compete on price. Instead, they wanted to sell solutions.

Janek Performance Group appealed to Altium because their methodology is not product centered. Rather, the essence of Janek’s holistic training is solution-oriented and being a client’s trusted adviser.

The Solution

After interviewing stakeholders and decision makers, Janek’s learning & development staff collaborated with Altium on a highly customized version of Janek’s Critical Selling® Skills workshop.

Training was rolled out to teams in Detroit, MI, and Frankfurt, Germany. It was then reinforced through Janek Xpert™, a digital sustainment solution. Xpert is ideal for dispersed sales teams in how it reinforces the knowledge acquired during training through short, targeted questions delivered to their phones every other day.

In addition, sales managers at Altium leveraged TOPS®, Janek’s coaching playbook, to ensure coaching becomes a central part of Altium’s ongoing skills development.

Finally, via Janek’s train-the-trainer service, Altium’s in-house sales trainers became certified in Critical Selling Skills. This way, future hires could be trained in the same award-winning sales training methodology.

The Results

While it is too early to measure a direct impact on revenue, Altium sales leadership has seen a change in their team’s morale. They’re excited to be selling. According to Joe Michaud, Sales Enablement Manager at Altium, “It’s really exciting to see this level of engagement, no only from the salespeople, but also middle management.”

In addition, management shared their excitement about Janek’s TOPS for ongoing coaching.

At first, sellers were apprehensive about changing from a product-focus to a solution sale, but they now understand the necessity. They realize the salesperson is the primary differentiator—how they communicate, the questions they ask, and the empathy they offer clients. Janek’s sales training programs made a remarkable difference in that direction.

Post-Training Results

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