Cartier Utilizes Janek Sales Training to Build Customer Relationships and Sell on Value

Cartier desired to implement long-term changes within their sales organization to enable their staff to forge deeper client relationships, increase average sales per order, and improve value building skills and overall discounting rates.

Collaboration with the sales leadership team and interviews with key contacts in the organization enabled Janek to fully comprehend Cartier’s sales processes and workflows, which facilitated the design and delivery of a tailored, sustainable, sales training solution.

About Cartier

Cartier is a high-end designer and manufacturer of jewelry, watches, fragrances, and fashion accessories. The company operates more than 200 retail outlets worldwide and markets itself a premier luxury goods brand renowned for its creations, craftmanship, and quality.

The Challenge

Following several quarters of average retail sales, Cartier’s sales leadership team identified two long-term objectives to implement within the sales organization – build deeper relationships with customers and sell on the value of their offerings to reduce discounting.

The Solution

After collaborating with Cartier’s sales leadership team and interviewing key organizational contacts, Janek gained full understanding of the client’s sales processes and workflows. Janek’s learning and instructional design teams determined the best route for meeting Cartier’s objectives was a highly customized sales training workshop that incorporated modules from the Critical Selling Skills program and the Critical Negotiation Sales program.

The modular, versatile nature of Janek’s sales training programs allowed for this level of deep customization to quickly and cost-effectively meet the client’s needs. For this use case, the customization included industry-relevant examples, terminology, case practices, and experiential role-plays.

“Working with the Janek team has been a great experience, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the results we’ve witnessed following the training. The training invigorated our sales staff and how they interact with customers.”

Erin Corrigan, Manager of Training and International Communication

The Results

Utilizing Janek Performance Group as an outside organization provided Cartier the ability to introduce and implement long-term solutions to dramatically improve customer interaction. Janek’s sales training equipped Cartier’s sales staff with improved skills and awareness to foster deeper customer relationships, increase deal size, and sell on value without the need to resort to discounting.

These findings were further validated by Cartier’s sales leadership team. Boutique assistants and sales associates had widely adapted the techniques learned in Janek’s workshops, helping them to overcome customer price objections, establish deeper and more meaningful client relationships, and largely reduce selling on price.

Post-Training Results

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Cartier Case Study

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