Fruit Growers Supply

Fruit Growers Supply Improves Prospecting Performance with Janek’s Critical Prospecting Skills Training

Fruit Growers Supply sought to build on their long tradition of success by partnering with a sales training provider that could help improve prospecting performance and increase new business development.

About Fruit Growers Supply

Founded in 1907 by the Sunkist Growers for the purpose of securing wooden shipping crates for citrus growers within the Sunkist network, Fruit Growers Supply eventually moved on from Sunkist and citrus to become the oldest nonprofit supply company in the country for agricultural growers and packers of avocados, stone fruit, nuts, grapes, as well as raw crops. Committed to innovation, they designed one of the country’s most highly automated and efficient integrated carton supply systems. Today, they are one of the strongest agricultural supply cooperatives in the United States, with a host of products and services and a commitment to building a sustainable future.

The Challenge

Fruit Growers Supply needed to grow revenue beyond the well-established relationships they already had in place. In order to do this, the company needed to implement a sales training solution geared toward enhancing their sales force’s process and skills in developing new customers and growing relationships within existing accounts.

The Solution

After a collaborative study of their sales organization and processes, Janek determined that a two-day Critical Prospecting Skills program would be beneficial to teach the skills, language, and habits needed to successfully hunt and close new business. In addition to the training, Janek developed and provided a formal prospecting plan for all sales reps and worked with sales managers to measure and reinforce the business development and prospecting skills needed to consistently and successfully reach out to new & existing customers, deliver a compelling elevator pitch, break through initial resistance, and develop new sales opportunities.

“I have completely changed my approach with prospects and customers. Janek’s training has also helped me in closing and making sure the conversation is related in their words and better fit the customers’ needs.”

David Fernandez, Sales & Support Representative

The Results

The training was a great success, achieving a ROI of 1,063%, with participants saying they gained new knowledge and skills, learned to focus on the prospects’ needs and wants, and gained a new understanding of sales techniques to become a trusted advisor.

90-Day Post-Training Results

1063 %
97 %
100 %
94% %
Fruit Growers Supply Case Study

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