IHS Markit

IHS Markit Unifies Their Sales Management Teams with Janek Training

Seeking to bring together disparate sales management and coaching strategies and approaches, IHS Markit looked for a sales solutions provider who could provide them a customized, common language and philosophy to implement across their multinational teams.

Following a deep dive to gain full fluency in IHS Markit’s markets, offerings, divisions, clientele, and overall business situation, Janek Performance Group crafted a completely customized sales coaching solution to deliver what the client sought.

About IHS Markit

IHS Markit is a conglomerate of companies in the global information services provider space. Founded in its present form in 2016 as a merger of IHS, Inc. and Markit, LTD, the original branches of the company date back to as far as 1959.

Today, IHS Markit is a multinational, 14,000 employee firm with revenue of $3.6 billion. The organization assists a vast array of clients with the analysis and insights needed for all manner and level of strategic decisions.

The Challenge

As a multinational company with offices and teams around the globe, IHS Markit faced a problem: There was no unified, common approach and language to sales management and coaching. This led to not only differing levels of coaching quality, but issues in ensuring consistency in the sales management and coaching messaging.

To remedy this, the organization searched for a provider who could deliver a common language and approach that would translate into a universal, codified management and coaching message and philosophy. Janek was selected to carry out this mission.

The Solution

Following an extensive research period to understand all facets of IHS Markit’s business situation and gain comprehensive fluency thereof, Janek Performance Group determined, in collaboration with the client, that a fully customized Critical Sales Coaching Skills workshop was the ideal approach to realize the desired objectives.

Janek’s Instructional Designers devised a customized Critical Sales Coaching Skills curriculum in alignment with IHS Markit’s business and sales processes. 10 attendees took advantage of the Critical Sales Coaching Skills opportunity, and a Train-the-Trainer certification program was included to allow IHS Markit to continue to disseminate the acquired knowledge and skills throughout the company’s international holdings following the training engagement.

The Results

The effects of the Critical Sales Coaching Skills and Train-the-trainer programs were extensive. IHS Markit saw the new, common coaching and management language and philosophy spread throughout the organization’s teams. Consequently, sales managers and coaches had much more productive, engaged one-on-ones and coaching sessions that focused on modifying sales reps’ selling behaviors rather than just the numbers.

This in turn led to greater success and faster development of IHS Markit’s sales reps, which then positively impacted revenue.

Janek Performance Group Case Study

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