McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

McNaughton-McKay Institutes Inside Sales Culture Makeover, Performance Improvement with Janek Performance Group

McNaughton-McKay sought a sales performance partner who could effect a cultural and sales approach change for their inside sales team – including both reps and managers.

An extensive research and discovery process allowed Janek Performance Group to create a tailored, three-part solution to achieve those objectives.

About McNaughton-McKay

One of America’s leading distributors of electrical products, McNaughton-McKay was founded in 1910. In addition to over a century of history, the company is notable for being 100% employee owned since 2006. With the 2018 acquisition of The Reynolds Company, McNaughton-McKay has a presence in 7 states, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and China.

The Challenge

McNaughton-McKay realized their inside sales reps were largely functioning as order takers. The company wanted to institute a cultural and sales approach change that would see their inside sales team shift from a transactional approach to proactive Trusted Advisors.

As part of this transformation, McNaughton-McKay sought a partner who could teach the inside sales reps how to improve their relationship-building skills, better identify opportunities and anticipate client needs, enhance negotiations by selling on value rather than price, and overall be more proactive.

The Solution

Following a deep dive to gain a thorough understanding of McNaughton-McKay’s processes and situation, Janek determined that a fully customized Critical TeleSelling Skills workshop, paired with TOPS Reinforcement & Coaching for managers and Janek Xpert reinforcement technology was the most suitable approach.

In total, 150 people – 125 sales reps and 25 sales managers – took part in the training initiative. The process included workshops that were capped at 15 participants per session in order to maximize interactivity and depth of learning.

“We were really happy with the Janek program. It got everybody on the same page and we can realize where our gaps are and work individually and as a group to grow and get to that next level.”

Michelle Biddle, Operations Manager, Ohio Region

The Results

The initiatives were a success, enabling and fostering the culture and sales approach changes McNaughton-McKay hoped for. Post-training follow-up revealed the below data points:

90-Day Post-Training Results

518 %
93 %
21.2 %
A Janek Performance Group Case Study

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