Optum Improves the Sales and Rapport Building Skills of Their Call Center Staff with Janek Training

Optum sought a sales training provider who could improve the sales and rapport building skills of the inexperienced healthcare professionals who staffed their high-volume call centers.

About Optum

A division of UnitedHealth Group, Optum is a health services innovation company with a global presence – operating in 150 countries worldwide, including North America, South America, Europe, the Asian Pacific, and the Middle East.

Optum’s areas of specialty include population health management, health care delivery, pharmacy care services, and health care operations. The organization services a wide array of clients – including U.S. hospitals, the Fortune 100, and state and federal governments.

The Challenge

A significant portion of Optum’s call center staff consists of healthcare professionals who call members to help identify healthcare needs, monitor healthcare outcomes and offer healthcare solutions that improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Optum recognized a desire to improve the staff’s communication skills – specifically in the areas of rapport-building, more seamless member need identification, and more member-focused presentation of healthcare solutions.

The Solution

Janek performed an organization-wide assessment and determined a multi-pronged approach was necessary to tackle the identified challenges. To address the skills gap, Janek designed a customized Critical TeleSelling Skills program.

Recognizing the importance of creating buy-in and following up with reinforcement, Janek also designed and developed a strong change management approach prior to the training roll-out, added a customized Reinforcement & Coaching sales management training program, and implemented a long-term skill sustainment reinforcement and measurement system with management support and online learning.

The Results

The multi-faceted strategy succeeded in imparting relationship-building skills, helping participants to more quickly identify members’ healthcare management needs and the necessary critical actions to support identified needs.

90-Day Post-Training Results

496 %
97 %
95 %
98 %
Optum Case Study

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