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Orbit Medical

Orbit Medical Enlists Janek Sales Training For Medical Supply Sales Team

Orbit Medical sought a sales training partner to align the needs of their driven yet inexperienced medical supply sales force, create a common sales process and language, and build a foundation for future success in the post-COVID-19 sales environment.

About Orbit Medical

Founded in 2005, Orbit Medical is a premier provider of specialty wheelchairs, in-home oxygen systems, hospital beds, and orthopedic bracing. With over 200 employees and seven corporate offices servicing over 35,000 patients annually, they are one of the largest Durable Medical Equipment providers in the Midwest.

“Above all, I knew that numbers would improve as a result of the training, but I was really looking to find and establish a corporate sales identity where all our team members would use the same language.”

Sean Budd, Vice President of Sales, Mobility Division

The Challenge

Relying on a relationship-based selling model, Orbit sells primarily to healthcare providers, including hospitals, doctors, nursing facilities, etc.

Their sales organization is broken into two groups: the mobility division, which includes products such as power wheelchairs and scooters, and the discharge division, which focuses on products like ramps, lifts, and beds that aid patients live more comfortably at home.

Although the organization grew fast since its inception, the pandemic highlighted how their sales strategy and processes needed improvement to meet the unique challenges COVID presented to the healthcare industry.

As such, they needed a company that could train their team to succeed in the post-COVID-19 world. They were looking for a training platform that would align their sales team, provide a common language, and establish a foundation their sales leaders could build on.

“It was ridiculously easy to work with the Janek Performance Group team, from pricing to customization to communicating with Janek’s facilitator and project support staff.”

Sean Budd, Vice President of Sales, Mobility Division

The Solution

After a lengthy evaluation that included many interviews with other training organizations, Orbit decided on Janek as a partner that would forge a long-term relationship and provide a custom training and coaching experience tailored to their unique circumstances. Central to this was training that would create a foundation their own sales managers could build on through regular coaching.

Janek took the time to learn Orbit’s business model and go-to-market strategy. As a result, a customized version of Critical Selling® Skills was rolled-out as a one-day, in-person workshop delivered to each sales division on consecutive days.

To reinforce and sustain the newly acquired knowledge, Janek deployed their self-guided digital learning tool Xpert™ augmented with sales coaching. In addition, Janek’s acclaimed sales coaching playbook TOPS® provided Orbit’s managers with a structured and effective coaching methodology.

The Results

Impressed with Janek’s training and coaching solutions, Orbit’s leadership highlighted the ease of the effortless rollout and noted the Janek facilitator’s dedication to understanding their business. In addition, they stressed how Janek tailored the training specifically to their unique situation.

Concepts such as LPS and SAM objectives are now ingrained in their sales staff and frequently leveraged to have more meaningful conversations. Also, many of their tenured sales managers love the structure TOPS provides in their weekly and monthly coaching calls.

As a data-driven organization, they were excited to see a 23% revenue growth across both divisions, and they were equally impressed with the effect on the team.

While evaluating the training outcomes, the attendees indicated that the learning experience positively impacted two areas in particular: building stronger relationships with clients and obtaining new customers.

90-Day Post-Training Results

1268 %
67 %
100 %
Orbit Medical Case Study

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