PEARL iZUMi Revamps their Inside Sales Approach with Janek Sales Training

PEARL iZUMi sought a sales training provider who could assist them in remaking their sales process from a transactional mode to a Trusted Advisor ethos that focused on customer relationships.

Janek’s complete understanding of PEARL iZUMi’s business model and existing processes allowed the company to design and a deliver a complete, holistic sales training solution.


Pearl Izumi is an approximately 500 employee sports apparel manufacturer and is a subsidiary of Shimano. Their primary product lines are cycling apparel and related outwear. The company has a long history of industry firsts – including lobster gloves for winter riding, women’s specific cycling paneling, and technical denier gradient fabrics for improved moisture transfer.

The Challenge

Pearl Izumi experienced a roller coaster of sales – first surging, then slumping as market conditions changed. During the downturn, the organization studied its inside sales team and discovered the bountiful period had instilled complacency and order-taking, resulting in transactional interactions and a lack of relationships with clients.

Consequently, the company sought a revamp of its inside sales approach – one centered around building relationships with clients and maintain and grow those relationships long-term as part of a broader strategy for turning their sales reps from order takers to Trusted Advisors.

The Solution

Following review of Pearl Izumi’s company culture, business situation, and sales processes via client and outside sales research, Janek determined that a customized Critical TeleSelling Skills workshop that incorporated industry specific details was the best solution.

All of Pearl Izumi’s inside sales reps attend the workshop onsite at company headquarters, receiving one-on-one assessment prior to the event.

Reinforcement was provided via ongoing, monthly coaching sessions and call reviews to ensure sustained, long-term behavioral change. The sales management team was also provided with coaching tools to maintain the reinforcement in between the monthly sessions.

“After the first 90 days (following initial training), we started to see the benefit. The number and length of outbound calls improved and we saw a 10% jump in sales.”

Melissa Stenger, Inside Sales Manager

The Results

Outbound calls increased in frequency and length after the training. Sales at Pearl Izumi also increased 10%. In fact, the event was such a success that Pearl Izumi has built in Janek’s Critical TeleSelling Skills workshop into its onboarding training process, leading to a shorter ramp up period to full sales rep productivity.

PEARL iZUMi Case Study

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