Zoetis Improves Inside Sales Reps Job Performance, Focuses Strong Coaching Culture with Janek’s Critical TeleSelling Skills

Zoetis sought to build on a strong coaching and sales rep development culture by securing a partnership with a sales training provider who offered a program that was geared towards inside sales teams.

Janek Performance Group created a wholly customized set of sales performance solutions specific to Zoetis’ sales environment and processes and helped the company realize massive returns on their investment and major sales rep job performance improvement.

About Zoetis

Zoetis is the world’s biggest producer of pet and livestock medicines and vaccines. The S&P 500-listed company, headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, has approximately 9,200 employees worldwide and generates revenues of over $5 billion a year.

Founded in 1952, Zoetis was formerly a subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, but was spun off into an independent firm in 2013. The company sells their products in more than 100 countries globally.

The Challenge

Zoetis emphasizes coaching and development for their sales teams – sales managers and leadership devote approximately 60% of their time to training, coaching and developing of their reps. The company sought to further enhance their strong commitment to sales rep development by finding a partner who could provide a training program that was geared towards inside sales reps for their inside and digital sales teams.

“Critical TeleSelling Skills has really enhanced our relationship with our customers.”

Christine McKinney, Manager, Inside & Digital Sales Department

The Solution

After a deep dive of discovery and research, Janek’s team determined that Critical TeleSelling Skills, TOPS Reinforcement & Coaching program for Sales Managers, and Janek Xpert were the suite of services that best fit Zoetis’ aims. A set of training programs specifically tailored to Zoetis’ business situation, industry, language, sales process, and target markets was designed after thorough understanding of the company and the industry was obtained.

A series of four live, instructor-led Critical TeleSelling Skills workshops were conducted in late May 2019, with each course capped at 20 students or less to ensure maximum exposure, interaction, and retention in each module. Xpert, Janek’s digital learning sustainment technology, was utilized to help further reinforce the learned skills and knowledge and translate them into long-term sales behavior change. TOPS Reinforcement & Coaching gave the inside sales managers the tools and universal language to effectively coach to the knowledge and skills their teams learned in the Critical TeleSelling Skills workshops.

The Results

The training engagement proved to be one of the most successful in company history, with a 1518% Return on Investment and a payback period of a little over 3 weeks. The inside sales reps and sales managers who participated in training experienced major improvements in job performance and were able to develop stronger relationships with clients; improve customer satisfaction, conversion rates and retention; and increase sales.

Zoetis’ leadership also said the training allowed their managers to more sharply focus their coaching and bring inside sales managers into alignment with shared, commonly understood goals, objectives, and timelines.

90-Day Post-Training Results

1518 %
93 %
87 %
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