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Design and Execute a Dynamite Sales Process

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Design and Execute aDynamite Sales Process in Just 5 Steps

In working with organizations large and small across a variety of industries, we at Janek Performance Group have observed an interesting trend: the overall lack of a formal, consistent sales process. Unlike other departments, such as accounting, marketing, or HR which have formal processes in place that everyone within the department follows, the one department that formality seems to elude is sales.

If your organization is operating without a formal sales process in place, it’s a near certainty that you’re missing out on key revenue.

Ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • What is your target customer’s buying process?
  • What qualitative and quantitative metrics are you measuring?
  • Does your CRM fit your sales process or is it the other way around?

If you don’t have the answers, it’s time to seriously consider or reconsider your sales process. Because without a formal and strategic process in place it’s almost a guarantee that you’re missing out on key revenue.

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