Virtual Online

$500 $995

Skill development has never been more important. When traditional, instructor-led classroom learning doesn’t align with your team’s busy schedule, our self-guided eLearning sales training can bridge that gap.

Our OnDemand courses provide an optimized online learning environment in which lessons are delivered via self-contained, bite-sized modules and enriched with short, scenario-based activities.

  • Use Janek OnDemand on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Unlimited access to the eLearning environment, 24/7
  • Gamification and scenario-based activities make learning fun and engaging
  • Utilize active listening and questioning to identify verbal and non-verbal customer needs
  • Realistic conversation models guide sales professionals you through various scenarios including opening a dialogue, handling objections, and closing the deal
  • Each module takes only 20-40 minutes to complete