Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine Improves Sales Performance by 13% with Janek’s Critical Service & Sales Skills

Anne Fontaine sought a sales training organization to evaluate their customer service and sales processes, optimize and increase store visit conversions, and improve their customer service.

Collaboration with Anne Fontaine’s sales leadership team and interviews with key contacts enabled the Janek team to fully comprehend the organization’s sales processes, challenges, and customer demographics, and design and deliver a tailored sales training solution.

About Anne Fontaine

Anne Fontaine is a New-York based, high-end women’s fashion designer and operator with more than 20 retail stores in the United States.

Founded in 1993, the company markets itself as a lifestyle brand for professional women. Their trademarked “White Shirt” is Anne Fontaine’s signature design, but the company also produces and sells a full line of clothing, handbags, and other fashion accessories.

The Challenge

Anne Fontaine sought a partner to evaluate their sales and service processes as the first step in designing and delivering a customized sales training solution whose objectives would be

  1. to optimize and increase store visit conversions, and
  2. to improve customer experience

The Solution

After gaining complete fluency in Anne Fontaine’s sales and service processes via working with the company’s sales leadership team and interviewing key contacts in the organization, the Janek team determined that the Critical Service and Sales Skills (CS&SS) program was the ideal fit for the situation.

CS&SS’s versatile modularity and ease of quickly and cost-effectively customizing the curriculum to meet client requirements makes it an ideal solution for retail environments. For this use case, Janek’s instructional design team tailored CS&SS to include Anne Fontaine-relevant examples and terminology.

The Results

Immediately following the training, event attendees unanimously (100%) stated they were able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the training to their jobs and that it was a worthwhile investment in their career development.

This sense was validated in the post-training results (listed below), and the customized curriculum and quality instructor drew overwhelming plaudits from attendees, who commented that they felt engaged and connected during Janek’s delivery of the course material.

Post-Training Results

477 %
13 %
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