Webinar: Does Your Sales Compensation Plan Encourage Bad Behavior?

Does Your Sales Compensation Plan Encourage Bad Behavior?

A sales organization’s compensation plan can be an important driver of success. It can motivate and inspire reps to not only meet but exceed quota. However, the reverse is also true. A comp plan that is too complicated or not fully understood could encourage bad behavior. Recently, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane joined Tanner Lacey, the Co-Founder and Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at Spiff, a leader of sales compensation software and commission tracker, for an informative webinar. In a wide-ranging discussion and Q&A, the two address four keys to sales compensation and how a plan could encourage bad behavior, such as: how organizations should incentivize behavior and influence emotions, how to spot red flags in a comp plan, how to run a comp plan health check, and, finally, the importance of educating sales reps to understand and effectively utilize their comp plans to modify behavior and achieve more.

To access the full webinar, just click the link below and let these two influential thought leaders help you avoid comp plans that encourage bad behavior.