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OVIK Health Chooses Janek Sales Training Methodology

Milliken & Company is a global manufacturing leader whose focus on materials science delivers tomorrow’s breakthroughs today. In 2023, its Healthcare division, now known as OVIK Health, enlisted Janek Performance Group’s sales training methodology.

About OVIK Health

OVIK Health’s advanced wound and burn dressing portfolio is defined by Milliken’s chemical and textile expertise and enhanced with cohesive and compression innovations. Focused on advancing healthcare technologies to improve patient care, their easy-to-use products are designed to heal and protect consistently and dependably.

“We researched and evaluated 20 different companies and chose Janek for their streamlined and consistent approach. Modeling their sales methodology in our interactions, they embodied our Trusted Advisor during the entire process. Janek was able to meet our timelines, customize our program, and our sales team thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Christina Costanza, Director of Sales Enablement

The Challenge

In a time of sales force expansion, OVIK sought a consistent selling solution for its mix of tenured and new personnel. They needed a framework with common language that could be customized and expanded.

To sustain growth, OVIK Health sought a dependable long-term sales training methodology to continually build their team’s confidence and connection with customers.

After researching the sales training and enablement marketplace, their internal committee evaluated close to 20 companies. They found Janek’s Trusted Advisor approach to be a good fit for their sales culture and were drawn to Janek’s practical and adaptable methodology that could be customized to their specific needs.

The Solution

OVIK Health met with Janek learning & development consultants to customize Janek’s flagship training program, Critical Selling Skills, to their market. The team was excited to be so involved in the training program design and make it their own.

They also met with different Janek training facilitators to find an individual with the right experience and energy for their team.

Onsite instructor-led training was delivered to more than 30 participants. Following, that same group was enrolled in Janek Xpert, a sales training reinforcement strategy, with practical tools to quickly support adoption of newly acquired knowledge.

At the same time, continued coaching success was critical. Five Milliken sales trainers were certified on TOPS, Janek’s Reinforcement and Coaching playbook, a toolkit to enable sales management teams make new learning stick.

Finally, to ensure new hires would be trained in the same methodology, OVIK enrolled their own trainers in Janek’s Train-the-Trainer program to become certified instructors for Critical Selling Skills.

The Results

The sales leadership team at OVIK Health enthusiastically embraced their involvement in customizing the training curriculum, and they appreciated the results. They especially liked how it is a measurable and scalable process that is easily implemented into their daily lives.

It was important to invest in their team’s skills, and Janek’s sales training provided the tools to foster a culture of ongoing learning. The training and investment were enthusiastically embraced. According to Christina, “Janek was easy to work with, and the Critical Selling Skills training, provided by an engaging facilitator, was well received by our sales team.”

Because they went through it together, training brought the team closer. More importantly, they appreciated the training’s easily referenced and repeatable structure. For example, by crafting legitimate purpose statements and leveraging Janek’s pre-call planner, OVIK staff cited increased confidence when talking to clients. This enabled them to become trusted advisors.

“Customization was instrumental because we needed to have a program in our own language, something our sales team would understand, relate to and use in their daily interactions.”

Christina Costanza, Director of Sales Enablement

Post-Training Results

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95 %
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Download the Case Study

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