Natera Sees Sales Growth and Improved Confidence with Janek Sales Training

Natera sought a sales training provider who could design and help implement a unified sales process within a highly competitive and fast-paced industry.

Stakeholder interviews, customer calls evaluation, and field rep ride-alongs enabled Janek to gain complete fluence in Natera’s business model, challenges, and existing sales processes, facilitating the design and delivery of a complete and holistic sales training solution.

About Natera

Natera is a global genetics testing and diagnostics company with a salesforce of approximately 150 employees. Since 2009, the company has launched ten molecular screening tests. These and other tests are conducted in a CAP-certified lab that adheres to CLIA practices. Natera’s emphasis is on delivering actionable information to improve reproductive health, cancer, and organ transplant treatment.

The Challenge

Natera faced a key challenge – selling to busy physicians and medical professionals with very limited availability. To counter this problem, the company sought a unified sales training solution that would equip their sales staff with the skills to quickly articulate Natera’s value proposition and build more effective relationships.

The Solution

To gain full fluency in Natera’s business model, challenges, and existing sales processes, Janek conducted stakeholder interviews, evaluated customer calls, and rode along with field sales reps.

Once this phase was complete, Janek developed a highly customized sales training solution based on the Critical Selling Skills program. The tailoring included industry-relevant terminology, case studies, and real-world role-play activities.

To reinforce the knowledge and skills learned in training, the Natera sales team was enrolled in Janek Xpert, the online training reinforcement tool designed to turn newly acquired skills and knowledge into long-term behavioral changes.

The Results

Feedback and response to the training engagements were very positive – both in the view of Natera’s sales leadership team and the company’s sales professionals. Natera’s internal metrics showed positive return on investment, with Senior Director of Sales Training Donnie Purto reporting the company saw “nice growth” in their sales numbers.

Natera Case Study

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