Northeastern BCBS Provider

A Northeastern BlueCross BlueShield Provider Enlists Janek Sales Training to Boost Performance and Support Sustained Growth

As a leading provider of low-cost, high-quality health coverage and resources, this large BlueCross BlueShield organization in the Northeastern United States sought a sales training methodology to create a common language, process, and consistency, increase customer retention, cross sell and upsell to existing accounts, and establish a longterm plan for continuous growth.

About This BlueCross BlueShield Provider

This BCBS provider is a nonprofit independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, a family of companies that finances and delivers health care services to about 1.5 million people in the Northeast. With a staff of approximately 3,500 employees, they provide access to affordable, high-quality health coverage, including health-related resources their members use every day, such as cost-saving prescription drug discounts and wellness tracking tools. The organization was recently named the number two midsize employer in the country by Forbes Magazine.

“The Janek sales trainer was a perfect fit for our sales team. She made everybody feel engaged and talking. She knew her stuff and has been in their shoes before. She understood the challenges and brought a lot of experience to the table.”

Training Manager

The Challenge

While this BCBS provider had supplied staff training in the past, it was typically focused on internal processes and procedures. It was not a comprehensive strategy to improve sales skills.

Though their sales team consisted of new and seasoned reps, most had never been trained how to sell. A major concern was responding to objections, a source of sales staff anxiety.

Ultimately, the organization wanted to invest in skill development so that new and experienced reps would speak the same language, work off a consistent platform, and have the same opportunities.

The Solution

When their Training Manager became a Certified Professional in Training Management through Training Industry, she reached out to Janek Performance Group, selected as a Top 20 Sales Training & Enablement company by Training Industry. This BCBS provider was looking for a customized training solution to enable multiple divisions, including their government programs and commercial market sellers. With Critical Selling® Skills ideal for customization, we developed a highly tailored training experience that included group activities, case practices, and role-play.

In addition, they recognized the need for continuing education after the initial training ended. This was addressed through TOPS®, Janek’s coaching playbook, as well as Xpert™, Janek’s digital reinforcement solution. Training was delivered virtually, via live instructor-led trainings.

Finally, they thought to certify their own trainers in the Critical Selling Skills methodology.

“We got such great results and comments on this training program from brand new reps all the way up to our most seasoned reps, who said, ‘I thought I was really good at what I do, and I thought I knew everything, yet I learned something.’ And that was really the common theme from our sales team, who have already gone through this training.”

Training Manager

The Results

The experience Janek provided was well received, including the interactions with Janek’s client services team, sales team, and learning & development teams. Everything was well organized and executed, and the Janek trainers made everyone, even those more reserved, feel engaged and involved.

The BCBS provider fully committed to the Critical Selling Skills methodology by certifying their own trainers. This ensures future hires could embark on the same learning path. Even more, seasoned reps shared overwhelmingly positive feedback. For example, one said, “The training was a reminder of the things I should be doing, but I’m not doing.”

The implementation of LPS, Legitimate Purpose Statement, was another standout takeaway from the training. Many reps now use the LPS to have more meaningful connections with their customers and take ownership of conversations. According to their Training Manager, “Our sales reps have embraced the training and are starting to speak the same language.”

The train-the-trainer process was well delivered. The provider’s in-house trainers appreciated the support received from the Janek trainers. The Training Manager remarked, “The Janek sales trainer was a perfect fit for our sales team. She made everybody feel engaged and communicative. She knew her stuff and had been in their shoes before. She understood the challenges and brought a lot of experience to the table.”

In addition, the provider’s trainers have already had the opportunity to train a Critical Selling Skills course of their own, which was similarly well received.

Post-Training Results

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