Janek Performance Group Expands to Europe Through Franchise Partnership With Achieve Performance

A new Franchise Partner will provide clients in Southeastern Europe with access to Janek’s award-winning sales training programs.

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 16, 2021—Janek Performance Group, an award-winning sales performance company offering sales training and sales consulting services, announces a further key initiative in its global expansion rollout with new Franchise Partner, Athens, Greece-based consulting and leadership training provider, Achieve Performance.

Achieve Performance will market, sell, and facilitate Janek Performance Group’s award-winning line of sales training programs in Southeastern Europe, including Greece and Cyprus.

Training programs offered will include the entire suite of Janek’s sales training curricula, including Selling Virtually™, Critical Selling® Skills, Critical Teleselling® Skills, and Critical Prospecting™ Skills.

Achieve Performance helps organizations maximize staff productivity. The organization offers a wide range of training, consulting, and design services in the areas of sales productivity, leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and talent management.

With the addition of Janek’s sales training programs, Achieve Performance will be well-positioned to offer a comprehensive set of business improvement solutions for their clients. “Given the AP team’s enthusiasm and excitement to work with Janek, coupled by their strong and high professional commitment, we look forward to a strong strategic partnership, progressively and positively developing customer loyalty in this pilot region of Greece,” said John Alatopoulos, President of Achieve Performance.

“We are very optimistic about the future prospects for the penetration of Janek methodologies in the Greek market, as the demand for quality sales programs is on an unprecedented rise throughout Southern Europe, especially since the pandemic,” added Achieve Performance Principal Consultant, Mara Marinakis.

“We are thrilled to bring our proven sales and sales management training programs to Europe through our partnership with Achieve Performance,” said Janek Performance Group Managing Partner, Justin Zappulla. “Our sales training programs empower sellers and sales leaders with the skills, techniques, and best practices they need to win deals more often, and we’re delighted to have found a strong partner in Achieve Performance who can bring these programs direct to the marketplace in Greece, Cyprus, and beyond.”

“2020 was an outstanding year for Janek Performance Group. We facilitated hundreds of training workshops, trained thousands of sales professionals, and delivered some of the best results on record to our clients,” said Nick Kane, Managing Partner at Janek Performance Group. “Expanding globally through franchise partnerships with leading organizations such as Achieve Performance will support our organizational evolution to not only remain a domestic leader and provider of sales performance solutions but to become a global leader in this space.”

About Achieve Performance
For over 40 years, Achieve Performance is profoundly committed to successful Strategy Implementation through the organizations’ most valuable asset: their people. Using the most advanced tools and methodologies in the areas of Sales Productivity, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Management, we design and implement unique customized solutions for a wide variety of organizational needs in Greece and beyond. Our services include a variety of assessments and metrics evaluation tools, training modules and systems, reinforcement tools and cloud-based platforms, advanced training, delivery and consulting services. To learn more about Achieve Performance, visit https://achieveperformance.gr/.

About Janek Performance Group
Janek Performance Group is an award-winning sales performance solutions provider headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our training and consulting services are field-tested with proven results in improving the sales skills and results of our clients, backed by ongoing research into the market’s needs and best practices. We possess the ability to work with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 firms and have an established track record across countless industries and verticals.