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Janek Performance Group Launches Free Assessment Tool, SalesAudit™

Industry-first sales assessment tool aims to provide clarity for sales leaders to take control of prevalent sales challenges.

Las Vegas, NV, November 1, 2021 – Janek Performance Group, a leading sales performance provider headquartered in Las Vegas, is proud to announce the launch of SalesAudit™, a new self-guided assessment tool that is part of the organization’s growing advisory arm.

Closely tied to Janek’s proprietary Sales Performance Blueprint™, the assessment will aid sales leaders with identifying areas of improvement by evaluating the six main elements comprising healthy sales organizations. They include:

  • Strategy & Go-To Market
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Performance & Development
  • Talent & Motivation
  • Tech Enablement
  • Customer Attributes

SalesAudit™ is free and can be taken by invitation. Upon successful completion, the user will receive a comprehensive benchmark report with targeted recommendations for each of the six categories.

“The desire to develop this new assessment tool stems from the fact that sales has become more complex than ever,” said Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane. “With this proprietary sales assessment, our clients can quickly gauge the health of their sales organization and gain instant awareness of sales performance strengths and identify areas that require improvement.”

“I echo Nick’s sentiment in regard to the complexity of today’s marketplace,” added Managing Partner Justin Zappulla. “Most sales organizations deal with a broad range of issues that can negatively impact their sales goals. SalesAudit™ and our Sales Performance Blueprint™ is a gamechanger because it will provide guidance on what top sales performance looks like as well as targeted recommendations that can be implemented immediately.”

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