Sales Development Doesn’t Have to Stop

The Coronavirus has turned our personal and professional lives upside down, and what was unthinkable just a few weeks ago has become a (temporary) “new normal” — air travel is happening less and less and “social distancing” has become a trending topic in the news and social media, highlighting the need to avoid social gatherings and busy places.

But in this challenging time, there is an opportunity for improvement. Janek has delivered Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training for many years, and the recent events have underscored the need for this type of training delivery method to ensure that sales development doesn’t become another casualty of the current climate of uncertainty.

At Janek Performance Group, we are committed to supporting our clients through innovative and award-winning training programs. Our flagship sales training methodology, Critical Selling Skills, can be delivered online, along with all our other training programs.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your immediate and long-term training plans and share more information on our online, highly-interactive training delivery capabilities with you. Contact us to learn about our virtual workshops and programs that replicate the experience and impact of live, in-person trainings.