RELEASE: New Janek Managing Partners Appointed


Janek Performance Group Eyes Expansion with the Naming of Managing Partners

LAS VEGAS, September 6th, 2012—Janek Performance Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla as Managing Partners of Janek Performance Group.  Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla will assume increased day-to-day operational management and strategic planning responsibilities.

Previously Mr. Kane served as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Janek where he supervised all aspects of the sales and marketing efforts across the range of Janek’s products and services.  Prior to promotion, Mr. Zappulla was Janek’s Senior Vice President of Client Services and Learning & Development Manager, and was responsible for the entire scope of customer delivery and fulfillment of projects.

The elevation of Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla to the executive level of the company marks an exciting time of change for Janek.  The new Managing Partners will serve as the catalysts for the corporation’s expansion of its product and service offerings, as well as key initiatives to gain an even greater understanding of sales performance excellence.

Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla will lead the corporation in further partnering with organizations that are striving to realize a greater return on investment from their sales efforts.

The promotions were effective September 4th, 2012

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