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Sales Performance Solutions for Government & Non-Profit Organizations

Selling in the government and non-profit space, you know just how dramatically different the environments are from the commercial for-profit sector. Governmental regulations and bureaucracy are things you need to become intimately familiar with. Your buyers largely aren’t used to thinking in terms of business – in fact, you might not even think of yourself as in sales if you’re part of a non-profit organization. Building out long-term sustainability for your organization is difficult – either due to the infrequency of sales deals (government) or funding is a persistent issue (non-profit).

At Janek, we understand the wholly unique landscape of government and non-profit sales and tailor a solution to help you achieve your goals – whether they’re financial or another type of objective.



We specialize in improving sales performance through a number of services including:

Sales Training

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Sales Coaching

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Sales Consulting

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Talent Management

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My expectations with working with Janek has been exceeded. I’ve been really happy with the partnership and it’s great to have them in my corner.

Bret Nelson, Director of Sales Strategy
IHS Markit