April 23, 2024 - April 24, 2024 Ogden, UT


Workshop Address: 7879 Wardleigh Rd. Hill AFB, UT 84056
  • Quickly create connections
  • Win more business
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Reduce & overcome objections
  • Achieve the status of “Trusted Advisor”

Critical Selling Skills for DISA Employees - Ogden Workshop

Janek Performance Group’s Critical Selling® Sales Training curriculum is a research-based, value-focused sales training program that provides sales professionals, with the skills and strategies they need to stimulate interest, build trust, and dramatically improve their overall sales effectiveness with customers and prospective customers in our mission partner organizations.

In today’s competitive environment, Department of Defense buyers are more sophisticated and delivering “product-based” presentations are simply not enough. Sales professionals must have the ability to engage in a consultative dialogue and through the use of strategic questions to discover the customer’s unique needs so that they can effectively partner with the customers in a differentiated way. Critical Selling® shows them how.

Course Objectives

  • Quickly create connections and build trust with customers using effective relationship-building skills and best practices
  • Build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships by adding value
  • Win more business by quickly uncovering what is most important to the customer and where you can differentiate value
  • Reduce the number of objections and pushback from customers by handling concerns in a collaborative, problem-solving framework