Webinar: Optimizing Sales Strategy Through Win-Loss Analysis

Athletes and sports teams frequently discuss the process of reviewing game footage, a method in which they analyze past games to understand the reasons behind their victories or defeats. In the realm of sales, this practice is referred to as a win-loss analysis, a crucial assessment for any organization. It not only uncovers the factors contributing to success or failure in a deal but also offers insights on enhancing performance for future engagements.

Janek Performance Group recently hosted a webinar titled “Reviewing Game Tape—Optimizing Sales Performance Through Win-Loss Analysis.” The event featured Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane, Chief Marketing Officer Sarah McMullin, and Andrew Peterson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Clozd—a prominent provider of software and services for win-loss analyses.

This collaboration brings together the expertise of two influential figures in the sales domain: one well-versed in collecting and analyzing data for effective win-loss analyses, and the other a specialist in elevating sales performance. The webinar serves as a comprehensive resource, akin to a master-level course, guiding participants on maximizing the benefits of win-loss analyses.

  1. The significance of studying game tape
  2. Approaches to conducting a win-loss analysis
  3. Strategies for obtaining feedback from prospects
  4. The advantages of involving external partners
  5. Processes for receiving and reviewing feedback
  6. Fostering a culture of coaching and training

Moreover, the webinar delves into detailed responses to various follow-up questions from participants. From the foundational framework of win-loss analysis to training methodologies, this webinar is a valuable resource for every sales organization. For a comprehensive overview, you can access the full webinar here:

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