Janek Unveils OnDemand Critical Service & Sales Skills: Streamlined and Flexible eLearning Module Increases Training’s Accessibility

Las Vegas, NEVADA, January 30, 2024: Janek Performance Group, the award-winning sales performance company headquartered in Las Vegas, is proud to unveil an eLearning course based on one of their most popular programs, Critical Service & Sales™ Skills.

Designed for busy sales and service professionals, Janek OnDemand offers engaging, self-paced eLearning versions of Janek’s prominent sales training methodologies. Completion of the program provides unlimited 24/7 access to OnDemand’s bite-sized, scenario-based modules on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Users can enjoy all the benefits of Janek’s gamification and real-world conversation models on their own time and at their own pace. Plus, Janek OnDemand can be bundled with instructor-led training and reinforcement products for a holistic learning experience.

Janek OnDemand Critical Service & Sales Skills offers the essential elements of one of Janek’s most lauded programs. These include effectively servicing customers, questioning techniques to uncover hidden needs through the service interaction, presenting solutions that reduce objections, and becoming a trusted advisor that elevates the customer’s experience and fosters loyalty. With this, Janek is at the forefront of leveraging eLearning and OnDemand modes, making their essential sales training methodology more accessible to today’s increasingly hybrid sales force. Buyers can expect additional Janek OnDemand product rollouts to follow.

“We continue to invest and expand in our technology offerings, positioning Janek as a top-notch sales training provider capable of delivering in-person, virtual, and blended training experiences based on our clients’ preferences,” said Nick Kane, Managing Partner of Janek Performance Group. “The addition of Critical Service & Sales Skills was a logical next step, and we are beyond excited about the other programs we are planning to release as part of Janek OnDemand in the near future.”

“I echo Nick’s enthusiasm for the expansion of Janek’s digital learning solutions,” added Managing Partner Justin Zappulla. “The commitment to providing modern training experiences underscores our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clients. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our client’s sales and service teams. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to advance our mission of delivering excellence in sales training and performance improvement.”

Enrollment in Critical Service & Sales Skills for Janek OnDemand is now available for purchase on Janek’s website. For group enrollment and rates, please contact the Janek directly.