Why You Should Outsource Your Sales Training

Sales executives and sales managers would agree that their sales teams need ongoing training, coaching and support to get to the top of the game and stay there. Even the most experienced, driven and efficient sales professionals should constantly upgrade their skills and keep abreast of new sales trends and emerging technologies.

In a fiercely-competitive market, your sales reps should challenge themselves to learn more, achieve greater results and embrace new strategies. Those who appreciate the value of education stand a better chance of maximizing their potential and optimizing results.

Effective sales training should be an essential aspect of your sales strategy. In fact, it is vital for your long-term business success. The way you train your sales personnel will ultimately influence your earnings, reputation, and competitive standing.

Businesses that are ready to invest in sales training have a serious decision to make: should they rely on their internal resources and educate their sales people in-house, or will they benefit MORE from outsourcing the process to a sales training company, with a proven track record and experience?

In today’s blog we will review the main advantages of outsourcing sales training, which may help you transform your sales team and drive your business forward.

Sales managers are too busy to fully focus on training

Sales managers are tasked with devising, testing and evaluating a variety of training strategies and techniques for their new and existing sales reps. That is a challenging, time-consuming and overwhelming responsibility. It may impose undue stress on them, disrupt their day and preclude them from doing what they are good at – selling, coaching, and managing accounts. If they spread themselves too thin, their productivity will suffer and the company’s earnings may eventually go down. Therefore, a lot of organizations are increasingly turning to sales training companies and get the help they need to educate their sales reps.

Sales training scalability

Scalability is a key reason to partner with a professional sales training company. They have the methodology, the experts, and the experience. This means they likely have a variety of sales training modalities, like workbooks, videos, lectures, worksheets, to name a few.

In-house or Outsourced Sales Training?

Sales training companies provide a fresh perspective and share innovative ideas

Some sales executives still adhere to the old way of managing and training their sales force. They are oblivious to the fact that the sales world continues to evolve; what worked in the past may no longer have the same impact in today’s marketplace. The organizations that embrace change and adapt to new challenges are poised to gain the edge over their competition and increase market share.

If you decide to offer sales training in-house, you’ll need to put an enormous amount of time into research, while putting other crucial tasks and responsibilities on hold. But when you work with a sales training expert who is up-to-date on all the latest developments in the business world, they will do all the work for you and tell you exactly what is going on in the field, what works and what doesn’t, and what the best way is to move your team forward. Your sales force will be exposed to new and reliable sales methodologies that are proven to work and have been developed, polished and enhanced by experts with years of business experience.

It feels good knowing that you give each sales employee all the critical tools they need to fulfill their potential and maximize results.

Sales managers are NOT training experts

Let’s face it: sales training is a skill. While sales managers are adept at a wide variety of sales-related tasks, they are not training specialists and may not have the time or aptitude to devise a powerful sales training strategy. As a matter of fact, the development, management and delivery of training may not be within the realm of their expertise. That’s what sales training companies do. It’s their bread and butter and it’s core to their business.

Sales training companies often have an adult learning strategist. This person takes a high-level approach to constructing, designing, and implementing the course curriculum behind the scenes. They are part researcher, part designer, and part teacher. Rather than being a jack of all trades, bring an expert onboard, and let your sales team get the training they need to thrive. You know they deserve it.

Sales experts will help your team communicate more effectively

Training experts will help your sales people clearly communicate the value of your products and services. They will teach them how to identify customer needs, present persuasively, and, listen actively. Your staff will learn how to decode body language signals, facial and vocal expressions and fine-tune their message accordingly. This psychological approach requires expert knowledge and advice, something your sales reps will not be able to obtain internally.

How to Ensure the Success of Sales Training

Outsourcing will save you time and money

In order to provide effective training, you need to develop a wide array of training manuals addressing different aspects and stages of the sales process, customer service and relationship building. In addition to that, you need to cultivate a reinforcement process that may include practice sessions, evaluation strategies, group coaching and one-on-one coaching, quizzes, exams, mock interviews, among other things. No matter how savvy, sharp or dedicated you are as a sales manager or sales executive, wrapping your mind around all these tools and activities may be impossible and impractical (especially given the hectic schedule of a sales manager). Outsourcing your sales training will significantly decrease the amount of time it would take to keep your team up-to-date or bring your new hires up to speed. This is your opportunity to turn each sales professional into a more productive and efficient staff member in less time.

Also, as we stated above, powerful sales strategies should be based on extensive research, rather than personal experience or opinions. No matter how valuable, the sales manager’s subjective point of view may not serve as a solid foundation for sales training. Therefore, the training steeped in research will prove to be of greater value and have a bigger impact.

Bottom line: Rolling out a great product will only get you THAT FAR if you don’t equip your sales reps with all the crucial tools they need to do their job and succeed in a fiercely-competitive market. Simply put, the more time, effort, energy and thought you invest into the training process, the more likely you are to see positive revenue growth and get to the top of the game.

Outsource Your Sales Development with Janek

By outsourcing your sales training to a training expert, you will ensure that your sales reps will receive the high-quality, practical and results-driven training they deserve to realize their full potential. Knowing that their organization is doing everything in its power to help and educate them will prompt them to exert extra effort to optimize results and move your business forward. In addition, compelling and intellectually-stimulating training will not only help you attract sales superstars, but also retain top talent and increase your competitive advantage.

Ready to supercharge your sales team’s performance? Partner with Janek Performance Group to outsource top-tier sales training! Our proven methodologies and tailored approach ensure your team hones their skills, closes more deals, and exceeds targets. Contact us today!

Last updated 3/12/2024