4 Tips on How You Can Nail Your Next Sales Job Interview

A career in sales is something special. For the right person, a job in sales is a constantly evolving challenge and a great opportunity for growth, both on an individual and financial level. If you’re reading this then you are probably already in sales or are eyeing a move into the sales field. Here at Janek, we work with top companies who are looking to attract, acquire and retain talented sales professionals. From an organizational perspective, a true challenge. Through our experience and observations, we have put together some pointers for anyone preparing to interview for a job. Let’s explore four ways you can nail your next sales job interview.

1. Do Your Research
Before going into any interview, you should thoroughly research your prospective employer. Find out what products and services they offer, what they excel at, and where they may fall short. Learn about their target demographics and how the company positions themselves in the marketplace. The internet is a treasure trove of information. Go to the company’s website and blog pages, view their social media accounts, and read anything else that may turn up while performing a quick internet search. Research is an important aspect of sales. If you really want to nail your sales job interview, you will need to demonstrate to your prospective employer that you genuinely care about the opportunity and have invested the time to thoroughly prepare for the interview.

2. Build Rapport
What is it going to be like to work with you? Chemistry and work conditions are two of the most important things for a prospective employer and a prospective employee to consider. If you can create a connection with the individual interviewing you, this will go a long way towards demonstrating what you will be like to work with on a daily basis. It should be easier to build a rapport if you have done your research into the company’s operations. And remember–be curious and authentic.

3. Sell Yourself
If you really want that sales job that you are interviewing for, you must sell yourself through demonstrating how you can bring value to both the role and organization. The interview is a great place for you to showcase your abilities as a true sales professional. Any competent sales professional understands that they need to demonstrate how their product or service can add value to a buyer’s life or business. They need to understand the buyer’s needs deeply and tailor what they offer to those unique needs through solutions, insights, and ideas. You need to do the same thing during your job interview. Think about it–how can you add value to the company? What specific skills, knowledge, and experience do you bring to the table that will benefit the team?

The research you engage in prior to your interview is critical because if you understand the needs and the wants of your potential employer, then you can use your interview to link your specific skills and talents to their needs. Fundamentally it is just like presenting to a customer. If you want to nail your sales job interview then you need to treat it like a sales call.

4. Be Memorable
Companies will oftentimes interview several people for a given position. No matter how qualified you are, or how much sales experience you have, it can be hard to separate yourself from the pack and make a lasting impression. This underscores the importance of being prepared, taking the time to research, and connecting with your interviewer.

Ultimately, when you follow tips one through three, and you do it well, we believe you will be memorable, and you will find success in your sales job interview.