The Top 5 Features of Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings

The Top-5 Features of Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings

In an increasingly complex world, only those sales organizations with the ability to adapt will survive. These days—whether its time constraints or travel restrictions—it’s more difficult to gather your team members in one location for the trainings they need. Virtual instructor-led trainings provide all the benefits of in-person sales trainings but are streamlined to maximize time and space. Now, your dispersed team can stay sharp and develop their skills, no matter where they are— the conference room, the living room, even on the go. All they need is a computer or device with a microphone, and they’re good to go. Here are the top-5 features of virtual instructor-led trainings:


In addition to their ease and convenience, virtual trainings focus on microlearning—a skill-based process that features smaller groups and spaced lessons of shorter trainings designed to increase retention. Utilizing highly interactive activities, polling questions, and a workbook, along with shared screen and slideshow presentations, your team can interact with the trainers, ask questions in real time, and maximize the learning process. Plus, spaced learning makes for greater skill adaption, allowing teams to practice one set of skills in the real world before returning to learn another skill. Also, all trainings can be recorded and accessed in the cloud, which lets your team review them anytime.

Break Out Sessions

With the advancement of technology, we can still run breakout sessions in a virtual environment. This allows the simulation of the classroom experience, where the facilitator teaches concepts to the larger group who can then break out into small groups, which lets teams run case practices and role-play. This combination of traditional instructor-led training and small group activities provides a multi-pronged approach to training, which enhances knowledge and application of real-world skills.


Another advantage of virtual instructor-led trainings is the ease of use. There’s no need for the hassle of coordination, such as securing a venue or making the necessary travel arrangements. Your teams are ready to jump right into training from wherever they are.

Reduced Cost

In addition to the cost of airline tickets, Ubers and Lyfts, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each of your team members, business travel can get expensive. This doesn’t even account for the additional costs of out-of-office time. Virtual training offers an easy and convenient way for your team to receive all the benefits of training without the travel costs.

Action Versus Inaction

While virtual instructor-led trainings are always available as a complement to traditional, instructor-led trainings, in times such as these, where sales teams face the choice between action or inaction, they become essential. Training plays a vital role in teaching sales teams the skills they need to stay sharp and increase productivity, and despite the current climate, the needs of your business must go on. Fortunately, virtual instructor-led training allows your sales team to learn and grow from the comfort and safety of wherever they happen to be.

Whether your team is homebound from travel restrictions, is practicing social distancing, or just can’t get away, virtual instructor-led training is the perfect alternative to in-person sales training and an essential resource in the modern world. In addition, these virtual trainings are ideal for all your tech-savvy millennial team members who grew up with social media and networks and are comfortable online.