Webinar: How to Be a High-Performing Sales Leader

Janek Sales Leaders Host Sales Leadership Webinar

In sales, success is never an accident. Instead, it is a deliberate series of strategy, process, and people  that lead to desired outcomes. Essential to this is your sales team, having the right system and people, in the right roles, to maximize performance. At the top of this hierarchy is a sales leader to bring these things together.

Recently, as part of our Sales Leadership Series, Janek Chief Marketing Officer Sarah McMullin and Managing Partner Justin Zappulla co-hosted the webinar How to Be a High-Performing Sales Leader and Create an Exceptional Team. The core of the presentation is centered around Janek’s Sales Performance Blueprint, a six-pillar methodology that forms the foundation of successful organizations and leaders, which encompasses:

  • Strategy and Go-to-Market
  • Sales Process
  • Talent and Motivation
  • Sales Performance and Development
  • Customer Attributes
  • Tech Enablement

Next, Justin distills this to the three essential aspects of each pillar for a fundamental 18-point system for success. This is followed by an interesting and informative Q&A, in which Justin addresses insightful questions from our audience. For all this and more, check out the full webinar here: