How New Selling Skills Improve Morale (Video)

How New Selling Skills Improve Morale

Today, sales professionals face many personal as well as business challenges including the decline of opportunities, tabled budgets, and the overall uncertainty of the selling environment. Despite this, however, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane sees a direct correlation between the acquisition of new skills and improved morale.

Recently, Nick joined Selling Power CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner on an episode of Selling Power TV to discuss this overlooked phenomenon. In a brief but insightful conversation, Nick shares some of the skills that enable sellers to be better in a virtual environment, such as storytelling, use cases, demos, and most importantly, active listening, which requires expressing empathy and more frequent check-ins so you do not miss information and opportunity. Also, the two examine how a high-performing mindset translates to a high-performing outcome. Be sure to click the link below and hear these two influential thought leaders discuss how developing sales skills improves morale.