Is your sales rep training sophisticated enough?

As product and service offerings tend to evolve and expand over time, so too should your sales rep training. We’ve had a few of our clients ask recently about this specific situation so we thought we’d expand on the topic.

Let’s start by reiterating that there is no such thing as advanced sales training; we don’t want to get sophistication confused with something being advanced or complicated. In this case, sophistication doesn’t mean your sales approach needs to be more complex, but rather that it should be more focused.

The evolution of a sales organization

Think back to when your sales organization first started out…

• How did you position your products or services?

How do you position them now?

• Who was your target audience?

Who is your target today? More broad? Better defined?

• How have your offerings changed?

Have you expanded them? Scaled back to serve a specific niche?

Perhaps the most important question concerning the evolution of your sales organization is: Has your sales team evolved along with it?

If you’re still doing things the same way you always have, it’s likely that you’re going to get the same results you’ve always gotten. Sound familiar?

Customized sales training is the key

Altering a sales strategy for a specific audience, a specific product, or grouping of products needs to be just that – strategic. No off-the-shelf sales training product will do. At least, not if you want to do the strategy justice.

You need a customized sales training solution – one that speaks to your target’s pain points while enhancing your own company’s strong points. A training solution that will fulfill the needs of your sales staff – from the new salespeople all the way up through your tenured reps. And don’t forget buy-in from executive leadership – an effective solution will account for all of these things.

But how does a training company know what you need?

A good sales training company with the ability to customize its training solutions will spend time immersing itself and its trainers into your sales culture. It will dedicate itself to learning the ins and outs of your process in order to pinpoint the areas that can use improvement and the areas that need to be changed altogether.

Here’s a final question for you: If you consider your product or service unique in your market, why should your sales strategy be any different?