Sales Success: A Guide for New Reps

Sales Success: A Guide for New Reps

Congratulations on your new role as a salesperson! Before you jump into the deep end, it’s essential to understand what it takes to be successful in this role. This guide will provide you with strategies and tips to maximize your success in your first month as a salesperson and beyond.

As a salesperson, your primary goal is to drive sales and increase profits for your company. You will be responsible for generating leads, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. The first step in maximizing your success as a salesperson is to understand the basics of what it takes to succeed in this role.

Success early in your sales career includes understanding the nuances of your position, like the language and industry vernacular, your company’s sales process, and the sales enablement technology your company provides. Developing a deep understanding of the sales process might be most critical. This includes understanding the different stages of the sales cycle, such as prospecting, building relationships, negotiating, and closing. At Janek, we call these Critical Selling Skills.

Besides developing their interpersonal skills, new sales reps need to sharpen their technical skills. Understanding how different tools and technologies can impact sales is key to achieving results fast. Many sales reps under-invest in learning the tech tools at their disposal. They are taught the basics of their CRM, sales enablement tools, and LinkedIn Navigator, but this only scratches the surface. These tools are adding features every month, so new reps can be at an advantage to learn the latest. Many reps stagnate using their tech stack without learning how recent upgrades can be leveraged for growth.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that being a salesperson requires persistence and dedication. You need to be willing to put in the extra effort early to get up to speed faster. Think of yourself as a rookie professional football player. You can arrive on time and leave after practice or get there early and stay late.

Understand Success Drivers

In sales, working hard does not ensure success. Most sales reps work hard. The top sales reps in any industry earning ten times more than other reps are not working ten times harder. They are also not ten times smarter. They understand what the success drivers are and how they can leverage them to their advantage.

For new sales reps, one of the best strategies is to pick the brain of the top-performing coworkers, especially during the first 30 days on a new job. You will want to ingratiate yourself with top performers. Take them to lunch, buy them coffee, or meet for breakfast. There is more knowledge in the top performer’s brain than in most companies’ training manuals. This experience will accelerate a new sales rep’s performance if they just take the time to show interest and ask questions.

Many sales organizations have new hires shadow experienced reps during the onboarding phase. Shadowing is good, but having a one-on-one where the top performer can share candid insights on their approach is priceless. Top performers spend much of their time doing the same activities as average reps. But the little things they are doing differently make them top performers. Learn those, and your sales results will accelerate.

Setting Goals and Creating a Plan of Action

Once you have identified your success drivers, it’s crucial to set specific and achievable goals. Sales leaders will provide a quota. Your job is to create a custom plan of action to reach those numbers. Sales success often happens after hours. New sales reps discount the importance of how they structure their non-working hours.

Start by breaking down your daily actions into smaller, more manageable tasks. Scheduling everything will help you stay focused and motivated. Additionally, this will help you identify any resources or technology needed to help you reach your goals. Setting a timeline for when you want to reach your goals is also crucial. We all have twenty-four hours each day and seven days a week to work. How we focus and the behaviors we choose define our outcomes. The first 30 days for new sales reps are a time to be hyper-vigilant with every hour, every day. Now is not the time to schedule a weekend celebration.

Developing Your Skills and Becoming an Expert

You were hired because the company viewed you as a qualified candidate. It’s also important to hone your communication skills. This includes understanding your customer’s needs and using industry-specific language to communicate with them. Additionally, it’s essential to understand your industry’s hidden challenges. Market conditions are changing rapidly. New sales reps can gain an advantage by studying current trends and how they impact clients. Many sales professionals may have five years at a company but only one year of experience. These reps repeat what they learned in their first year. New sales reps who apply themselves early often surpass more experienced reps because they prioritize skill development.

Building Relationships With Your Clients

Building relationships with your clients is one of the most important aspects of being a successful salesperson. At Janek, we call this becoming a trusted advisor. We’ve built our entire sales training methodology around this concept. Here are highlights for new sales reps to consider:

  1. Start by getting to know your clients and understanding their specific needs. Take the time to ask questions, listen to their concerns, and try to understand their business and goals.
  2. Be responsive and reliable. Make sure to follow through on commitments and respond to client inquiries promptly.
  3. Show genuine interest in your client’s businesses and goals. Ask questions, offer suggestions, and provide value where you can.
  4. Be transparent and honest. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and be upfront about any challenges or issues that may arise.
  5. Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. Share insights and industry trends that may be relevant to your clients and be ready to answer questions and provide guidance.
  6. Foster trust by respecting your client’s time and resources.
  7. Be consistent in your communication and interactions. Regularly check in with your clients to see how things are going and stay in touch even when you need a specific product or service to sell.

Building relationships with clients is a long-term process. Be patient and keep working on it. With time and effort, you can develop solid and lasting relationships that will benefit you, your clients, and your company.

Utilizing LinkedIn

We’ve written extensively about LinkedIn for modern selling. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business development, especially for new B2B sales reps looking to grow their professional network, build their influence, and generate opportunities. Here are a few ways to utilize LinkedIn as a new rep:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to showcase your professional experience and skills. Make sure to include a clear, professional headshot and a detailed summary that highlights your strengths and relevant experience.
  2. Connect with industry professionals and potential clients. Use LinkedIn’s search function to find and connect with relevant individuals and companies in your target market. Be sure to personalize your connection request by explaining how you can be of value to them.
  3. Join relevant LinkedIn groups to expand your network and find potential leads. Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and stay up to date on industry trends and news.
  4. Share valuable content with your network. Post updates, articles, and relevant content to your LinkedIn feed to showcase your expertise and thought leadership. Posting original content will help you build credibility and establish yourself as a trusted resource in your industry.
  5. Use LinkedIn’s advanced search function to find potential leads and decision-makers at target companies. You can use company size, industry, and job title filters to narrow your search and find the right contact at the right company.
  6. Utilize LinkedIn’s messaging and InMail features to reach potential clients and industry professionals. Make sure to tailor your messages to the specific person and their needs and provide value in your outreach.

Using LinkedIn effectively can build your professional network, generate leads, and establish yourself as a trusted resource in your industry. Remember to be consistent and proactive in your efforts; you’ll be well on your way to a successful sales career.


Being a successful salesperson requires dedication and persistence. The strategies outlined in this guide will help you maximize your success in your first month as a salesperson and beyond. Start by developing a strategy to maximize your success, setting goals, and creating a plan of action. Then focus on developing your skills and becoming an expert. Additionally, building your network with LinkedIn and leveraging technology for sales success is essential. This may seem like a lot to learn, but if you want to maximize your success in the first 30 days, try these strategies and watch your production soar.

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