The Year in Review: Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

The Year in Review: Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

As you can imagine, this was a big year for our blog. With our rebranding into the Bigger, Better, Bolder Janek, we improved the readability of our blog and made it easier for you to locate the post you’re looking for with our new keyword search.

We also saw a theme emerge in our most visited posts: sales professionals searching for understanding in how to connect with buyers. It’s a fascinating development – one that highlights how sales reps of the future can become indispensable to their customers.

Without further ado, our Top 5 of 2019:

Why Emotional Connections Are Often Your Best Sales Differentiator
The #1 most popular post of the year by a mile. The reason why? We delve into how B2B sales reps can establish emotional connections with buyers – something that can seem difficult when there’s no obvious tie-in like there is with B2C sales.

The Sales Rep’s Guide to How and When to Follow Up
No surprise that this one ranked near the top of the list. The details of following up with potential customers are one of the things our clients most often ask us about. We outline four key points of the strategy and tactics involved in following up in this post.

Personal Branding in Sales: Your External Self
We started a series on personal branding in sales this year, and while all of them generated interest, this entry gained the most attention. In it, we list the three most important elements of your external personal brand – in other words, how you present yourself to your buyers.

Can Salespeople Really Change Their Habits?
This one really resonated with our audience. It involves one of our team members thinking back to their childhood and comparing it to how they are now, then considering the question within the context of sales. There’s also practical advice about how to adapt to those sales habits you can’t change.

Curiosity is Sales’ Unsung, Important Personality Trait
Our final Top 5 post explores the underdiscussed importance and value of curiosity for sales professionals and provides actionable strategies for honing a sense of curiosity. While not the most popular, nor the most social-media buzzy of our entries, it’s one that drew a lot of readership.

As always, we love that you take the time to read our blog and gain sales insights from us. We thank all of our readers and commenters and look forward to celebrating the dawn of the ‘20s with you.