Webinar: The Art of Questioning and Listening

Webinar: The Art of Questioning and Listening

Of the skills required for effective selling, perhaps none are more important than questioning and listening. These set the stage for productive conversations and build the relationships needed for long-term success. Recently, Janek Managing Partners Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla joined with NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network with over 500 member offices across six continents, for an enlightening webinar on the art of questioning and listening.  

Nick Kane begins with the importance of an effective questioning strategy. He then addresses the distinctions of open- and close-ended questions, along with the purpose and value of each. He concludes with critical areas of questioning, such as learning the customer’s situation, needs, and challenges, the people and relationships involved, along with understanding their buying process, options and alternatives, and their impact. 

Justin Zappulla then highlights active listening. He lists the challenges and addresses the dangers of selective listening, such as missing vital information the customer may or not be aware. He then discusses the critical elements of active listening, including, listening for content, meaning, and feeling, identifying vocal qualities and body language, and remembering the customer’s words to summarize and validate their answers. 

The webinar concludes with a thoughtful and engaging Q & A and is available now.

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  1. Nice work by Janek! Nick and Justin are great presenters and had great useful ideas for our audience!

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