Janek Partners With Clozd for a Master Class Win-Loss Analysis Webinar

Reviewing Game Tape: Optimizing Sales Strategy Through Win-Loss Analysis

Athletes and sports teams often talk about reviewing the game tape. This is a process in which they revisit a game to see why they either won or lost. In sales, this is called a win-loss analysis. And it’s one of the most important evaluations an organization can conduct. In addition to identifying why they won or lost a deal, it shows how to improve performance for the next game.

Recently, Janek Performance Group hosted the webinar Reviewing Game Tape—Optimizing Sales Performance Through Win-Loss Analysis. Here, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane and Chief Marketing Officer Sarah McMullin were joined by Andrew Peterson, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Clozd. Clozd is a leading provider of software and services for win-loss analyses.

This important collaboration combines the expertise of two sales leaders. One is an authority on collecting and analyzing the data needed for successful win-loss analyses. The other is a specialist in improving sales performance.

Together, this represents a master-level course in making the most of a win-loss analysis. Some of the highlights discussed are:

  • What studying game tape means
  • Approaches to conducting a win-loss analysis
  • Soliciting feedback from prospects
  • Benefits of outside partners
  • Receiving and reviewing feedback
  • Embracing a culture of coaching/training

In addition, they provide detailed answers to several follow-up questions from participants. Combining everything from the framework of a win-loss analysis to training, this is a must for every sales organization. Check out the full webinar here: