Justin Zappulla Joins Paul Watts on the Sales Reinvented Podcast

Sales Reinvented Podcast

Resiliency is the ability to recover from difficulties. It is also the capacity of an object to return to shape. Both apply to sales professionals and show why residency is essential to achieving long-term success.

Recently, Janek Managing Partner Justin Zappulla joined host Paul Watts on the Sales Reinvented Podcast to discuss how resiliency has a positive effect on one’s sales career. In this focused conversation, Justin defines key differences between lead generation and prospecting and provides the specific activities of each. From there, he addresses the characteristics of great sales professionals, including resiliency, focus, and competitiveness, along with his essential do’s and don’ts for both lead generation and prospecting. Finally, Justin shares an inspiring, real-life example of sales resiliency you won’t want to miss. Just click the link below for some vital tips from one of today’s top sales leaders.